Take A Ride On The Virginia Capital Trail

Virginia Capital Trail Map

Since its beginning in 1975, the Virginia Capital trail runs 52 miles connecting Richmond to Williamsburg. Located not too far from Liberty Ridge, this beautiful multi-use trail runs along the historic Route 5 corridor. The trail is maintained by the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation; which is a 501 (c)(3) organization, whose mission is to enhance, promote and advocate for the continued development of the trail. Another way the foundation maintains the trail is through raising money with partnerships and affiliations within the region, state, and the nation. It enhances the trail with its signs, trailheads, benches, and other amenities to enable the trail with more safety, education, and enjoyment.

The trail is completed paved from trailhead to trailhead; and is completely separated from all roads. It is open and available for use 24/7, and even during inclement weather. Although the trail is for multi-use. motorized vehicles are not permitted. Dogs are allowed to accompany you during your time on the trail; however, they must be kept on a leash and you must clean up after your pet. The speed limit is 15 mph for those who desire to bike or skate. No matter if you are solo or joined by a large group, the trail accommodates everyone in a single file to the right side. Since it is owned by a nonprofit, the trail is free to use – but donations are greatly appreciated to help with the conservation. No matter how you use the trail, it is important to be alert and conscientious of others around you.

Make sure you are prepared with bringing plenty of water, sunscreen, snacks, your phone, and money for emergencies. To find suggested trips of various lengths for people of all ages, abilities and interests, make sure you look for planned itineraries on the Virginia Capital Trail website.

With over 45 attractions, you can find amazing sights, picnic and camping areas, public restrooms, hotels/motels, restaurants, and museums. For more information and to donate to the foundation and help maintain the trail, visit https://www.virginiacapitaltrail.org. To see a map of the trail system, click HERE.