Sasser Construction

Sasser Construction has been building superior homes in the Tidewater area since 1986 and was selected the 2010 Southern Living® Member Builder of the Year. We take the mystery and fear out of custom home construction and walk you step by step through the conception of ideas to the completion of your home. Our goal is to build for you a home of only the highest quality-combining our commitment to excellence with value and customer satisfaction. At Sasser Construction, we believe that quality and customer satisfaction begins at the top. We are responsible for setting the goals, providing the leadership and establishing an environment in which these goals can be achieved. Our goals, which focus on customer satisfaction, are reflected in our mission statement and company philosophy. They are achieved, on a daily basis, through what we call “Total Quality Initiatives” – precise systems and procedures that direct all of our activities. Quality performance and customer satisfaction objectives are well known to all of our employees, sub-contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. Being able to control the architectural and interior design processes, as well as all construction processes, gives us built-in quality controls that work continuously to help Sasser’s team to sustain quality and deliver excellence in customer service. Our customers are the guiding force that direct our values and determine our future direction.